Archaeology Sim

April Has been a fruitful month as I polish a prototype I started in February.

This one is complex and started out as a simulator to emulate the fantasy undead creature: the Mohrg.

I created an endless procedural Terrain system using my DangerCurves system. along with a shader to make soil layers as you burrow down.

You can dig up things that are buried including bones to put a skeleton together, and ruins that lead to dungeons to explore.


There is a cycle of doing increasingly difficult rituals (button presses or gestures) to destroy towers of a floating city visible in the overworld.

I included Villager AI which is currently crude but when they build the courage they will come after you (or just chase you off).

I started on an AI for undead pets you can acquire by putting their skeletons together, but that isn’t fully implemented yet.

Finally it has partial VR support for Oculus Rift DK2 running the .8 runtime, I will make a CV1 update shortly.

I hope you enjoy!

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